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Exhibition Safety

Safety Managers

At larger events, it is essential to provide a safety manager, in conjunction with a team of safety officers. Our safety managers will coordinate the safety personnel, attend accidents, carry out investigations, liaise with venue safety staff and communicate with emergency services. By taking over general control of H&S, PMS allows you to concentrate on orchestrating the success of your exhibition.

Safety Officers

To assist in monitoring and controlling H&S, our safety officers will be on patrol during the highly hazardous build-up and break-down stages. Depending on the scale of the event, we will provide either a small team of officers, or a team that includes a safety manager. Alternatively, if appropriate, a single safety manger can be supplied.


Stand Plan Approval

The building exhibition stands is governed by a series of complex rules and regulations. With todays minefield of regulations covering materials, their use of and structural stability, it can be an arduous task to sift through through every stand plan to ensure they conform to the applicable regulations.

PMS can relieve you of this labour intensive undertaking by handling the approval of all types of stand construction including Cmplex, Semi-complex and Non-complex. We will liaise with exhibitors and contractors and, where required, organise all of the relevant paperwork for submission to the venue and local authorities.

Exhibition Safety

Complex stands, particularly multi-level, may need to be inspected by a qualified structural engineer. PMS can contract an engineer on your behalf and provide all the necessary stand details and certification paperwork to obtain a signature as proof of inspection and the stand's structural safety as far as can be ascertained by such an inspection. In most cases, this is sufficient to satisfy both the venue and the local building inspectors

Risk Assessment Checking

Exhibitors and contractors are required to perform a risk assessment for buildings works within the event. PMS can check these risk assessments, giving you peace of mind that this important chore has been taken care of effectively.